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 Airport Reservation Office (ARO)
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 Enhanced Traffic Management System (ETMS)
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Severe Weather Area

You have made it to the last stop of your tour, the Severe Weather Area!

When the weather is predicted to turn bad, the Severe Weather Area springs into action.

The task of the Severe Weather Area is to minimize the impact of severe weather on the airspace system.  The Severe Weather Area collects meteorological information from a variety of sources, and devises a suitable plan with other Air Traffic facilities and system users for routing traffic around the bad weather.
Through coordination with affected air traffic facilities and users, an operational plan is developed to ensure the safe and orderly flow of air traffic around impacted areas.  As the weather changes, the plan can be revised and, if necessary, new routings or restrictions are issued. 

Photo Đ courtesy of Todd Lindley,
Natīl Weather Service Forecast Office

That completes your tour of the ATCSCC.  As you can see, it´s not as simple as one would imagine.  A number of different programs are involved and much coordination between the various agencies is necessary to ensure your safe and expeditious air travel experience.
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