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CDM Operational Coded Departure Routes Database Query

  • RMT WebService: 1.50
  • Effective 03/21/2024 until 05/16/2024

Enter one or more of the available fields to search the CDM Operational Coded Departure Routes (CDR) database.   Fields left blank will return all values of that field.  You can include AND ('&'), OR ('|'), and/or NOT ('!') in your request.

  • Route Code: 8 character route code.
  • Origin: 3 or 4 character departure airport designator.
  • Destination: 3 or 4 character arrival airport designator.
  • Departure Fix: Departure fix.
  • Route String: All or any part of the route string.
  • Departure ARTCC: 3 character center code.
  • Arrival ARTCC: 3 character center code.
  • Traversed ARTCCs: 3 character center codes.
  • Coordination Required: coordination required when filing this route (Y/N).
  • Nav Eqp: navigation equipment designator (1 - basic navigational routes, 2 - routes with RNAV DPs and/or STARs, 3 - routes with Q-route segments and/or pitch and catch points).
  • Associated Play: All or any part of a Playbook Play name.

Route Code
Departure Fix
Route String
Departure ARTCC
Arrival ARTCC
Traversed ARTCCs
Coordination Required
Nav Eqp
Associated Play

You can also download the entire database by saving the following link to a file: Download Database | Privacy Policy | Web Policies & Notices | Site Map | Contact Us | Frequently Asked Questions | Forms | ATCSCC Privacy Policy
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