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EDCT Lookup

From this page, individual aircraft operators can determine if an Expect Departure Clearance Time (EDCT) has been issued for their specific flight.  The flight plan must have been filed and transmitted to ETMS for any flight to be considered in any delay program.  The Three items listed below must be known and they must be entered exactly as they were in the flight plan in order to obtain the EDCT information.

The EDCT Lookup function does not provide information regarding the type of delay program associated with the EDCT (i.e. Airspace Flow or Ground Delay); this information may be available via the ATCSCC Advisories Database.

Federal and State Government organizations wishing to have their data blocked should contact the FAA.

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A flight's EDCT may change given the dynamic nature of a delay program.  We recommend that you confirm your flight's EDCT 45 minutes or less prior to departure. | Privacy Policy | Web Policies & Notices | Site Map | Contact Us | Frequently Asked Questions | Forms | ATCSCC Privacy Policy
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