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NFDC Location ID Database Query

  • RMT WebService: 1.50
  • Effective 08/20/2015 until 10/15/2015

Enter one or more of the available fields to search the NFDC Location ID Database. Fields left blank will return all values of that field. You can include AND ('&'), OR ('|'), and/or NOT ('!') in your request.

  • Location ID: Location identifier.
  • Facility: All or any part of facility name or facility type.
  • City, State: City or State of the location identifier.
  • FLTWO: Flight watch station indicator (Y/N).
  • Tie-in Facility: Tie-in Flight Service Station identifier.
  • Center: 3 character center code.

Location ID
City, State
Tie-in Facility

You can also download the entire database by saving the following links to a file:Download Database